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GIC has a proven track record for providing high quality consulting services such as baselines, assessments and evaluations for government, public NGOs and private sector. Our consultants bring decades of front-line experience and expertise in conducting baselines and program evaluations.

GIC believes in developing partnerships and not once-off interactions with its clients. We have partnered throughout the years with a number of organizations both local and international some of which include World Bank, IFAW, World Vision, CARE International...


Applied Research

With its multidisciplinary and innovative team, GIC undertakes groundbreaking and adaptive research, practically addressing the research gaps of Governments, development partners, NGOs and communities in Malawi and beyond. Primarily GIC aims at bringing the academic knowledge and research into use in solving community problems and offer highly tested solutions as a basis for programming and grants making.



Fundraising is a valuable component for strengthening an NGO. But Impact Investing offers an innovative model to sustainable resource mobilization. Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition for donor resources and in many cases for an organization to secure resources it depends on how well it can compete with other organizations to raise funds; and on how good it is at exploring other ways of sourcing resources. More often the competition is increasingly emerging from larger established NGOs and INGOs.



Drawing from its vast experience in M&E, project management as well as research and development, GIC offers highly tailored training in a number of areas. The company has well developed training modules covering basics to advanced elements of tailor made modules. Besides one-off trainings, GIC is committed to long term capacity development of clients. Organizations enroll their staff for a mentorship clinic on M&E, proposal development and project management among others.