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Our Vision

Be a trusted research and consulting partner for local and international organizations in Southern Africa

Our Mission

Offer timely and demand driven training, fundaraising, home grown and practical green solutions to Government, development partners and stakeholders in Malawi and beyond

Our Core Values

We believe in "integrity", "flexibility", "client-focused", "hard-working", and "evidence based" approaches and our confidence and tailored approach are what define GIC.

About UsWelcome to GIC

Green Innovation Center (GIC) is a registered and Malawian led consulting firm made up of exceptional expertise with rich diversity of academic disciplines, massive professional experiences, and skills—all committed to GIC’s shared values and distinctive development management approaches. GIC is among others aimed to advance and promote evidence-based knowledge creation, skills development and client tailored evidence production. GIC is very competent in facilitating adaptive research, information dissemination, training and consultancies that allow our esteemed clients to making evidence based adaptive programming.

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Work with us

We are here to provide innovative program evaluations and assessments, creative applied researches, disruptive fundraising and demand driven trainings informed by practical and participatory inputs from the clients and stakeholders. Till now, we have managed to serve our clients faithfully drawing from our vast expertise and accumulated knowledge. Our past work has guided us to believe in collegiality, teamwork, and mutual respect as important elements to providing effective and fulfilling service. Contact us for how we can help you.


Why Choose Us

We build real relationships, from the board room to the back room, you can count on us and the impact of our partnership extends beyond the life of our contractual engagement.


We are who we say we are. We come without pretense.


We are centered and grounded. We get the job done..


We understand and relate. What matters to you, matters to us.


We think differently, and it works (innovation and disruptive thinking).


We know there is always a productive way forward. We will find the path together.

What we do Our Core Areas



GIC has a proven track record for providing high quality consulting services such as baselines, assessments and evaluations for government, public NGOs and private sector.

Applied Research

GIC undertakes groundbreaking and adaptive research, practically addressing the research gaps of Governments, development partners, NGOs and communities in Malawi and beyond.


GIC is prepared to support the emerging and resource constrained NGOs to compete favourably for donor funds and ably live up to the expectations.


Drawing from its vast experience in M&E, project management as well as research and development, GIC offers highly tailored training in a number of areas.

Expectations What to expect from us


A Trusted Partnership: We build real relationships from the board room to the back room, you can count on us.

Intuition Grounded In Experience: We rely on our frameworks, accumulated knowledge, and instincts to navigate situations.

Value That Lasts: The impact of our partnership extends beyond the life of our contractual engagement.

Proffessionalism: Our consultants bring decades of front-line experience and expertise in conducting baselines and program evaluations, fundraising, research and trainings.